Hitting consumers’ hearts is ZTE’s plan to be a top-tier smartphone OEM

After a star-studded device launch with the Nubia Z17, ZTE CEO Lixin Cheng made his way to CES Asia in Shanghai to tout his company’s continued progress in 5G technologies and serving consumers with smartphones.

“If you focus on your competitors, you’ll always be a follower,” Cheng said to CNBC. “If you focus on consumers, then you’ll be the really true [winner in the] long run.”

Efforts like getting the more tech-involved community in ZTE’s audience involved in software beta tests help. Project CSX, where the company invited its community to dream up a new concept for a smartphone, was carried out with the best of intentions, but came up a dud by the time it executed. But the company’s still committed to giving that idea another go.

The company has all major developed markets targeted for further growth. ZTE is already the fourth-largest phonemaker by volume in several of these regions and is the third-largest in Australia. It’s also invested in getting mobile to gigabit speeds.

As the company spends money to clear up an import ban over a US sanctions breach, there’s hope yet that it can leverage a global cellular standards change with a clean slate and innovation. The company makes money, so that’s a good place to start.

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