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ZTE’s new 4th generation 5G MBB family is now official

By Samuel Martinez February 28, 2022, 6:24 pm
ZTE 5G MBB family Source: ZTE

We have received tons of amazing products during MWC 2022, as several great companies have gathered in Barcelona to present their new products. We have seen amazing new laptops, smartphones, and more, but we have also received new products that will help you to keep all your smart devices connected. For instance, ZTE officially announced the fourth generation of its 5G enabled MBB family, including something for everyone.

ZTE’s new 4th generation 5G MMB family has been officially presented during MWC 2022. The company announced five new devices, including the 5G Indoor CPE MC888 Ultra, the 5G Indoor CPE MC888, 5G MiFi MY5120, 5G Outdoor CPE MC889 Pro, and the 5G Outdoor CPE MC889 models, to lead a new era of 5G interconnection.


The series including indoor 5G CPE MC888 series, outdoor 5G CPE MC889 series, and new-gen portable 5G MiFi MU5120, are generally developed for indoor, outdoor, and travel scenarios, which adopted the world-leading Qualcomm X65 or X62 platform for the first time.

The new series of MBB family are further improved and upgraded based on the previous generations, forming the diversified 5G data terminal scenarios, suitable for personal, home, travel, office and so on.

ZTE’s first CPE was announced back in 2019, and it was known as the MC801. This model received a refresh in 2020 and another one in 2021 that also features 5G support. However, the latest CPE series comes with some improvements. For instance, the new MC888 Ultra comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 mobile platform, the latest Wi-Fi 6E technical standards with a peak rate of 6000Mbps, plus support for mmW-Sub6 NR CA and 3GPP R16 technical standards. In addition, it will also continuously dissipate heat thanks to its new penetrating self-ventilation technology and a top-down permeable air duct design. In other words, this will allow you to enjoy ultra-long and stable high-speed operation even under high-power conditions.

In contrast, the standard model of MC888 packs the Qualcomm X62 platform under the hood. This means that you will get Wi-Fi 6 support with a peak rate of 3600Mbps, and you can connect up to 32 users simultaneously.

ZTE also announced the 5G Outdoor CPE MC889 Pro and the 5G Outdoor CPE MC889 models, perfect for those who need to be connected without necessarily having to be indoors. These models feature IP67 or IP65 ratings, depending on the model you go for, and you also get fantastic performance, as these CPEs will work just fine, even if temperatures drop as low as minus 40 degrees and go all the way up to 60 degrees.

For outdoor scenarios, designed to address the pain point of the low penetrating performance of mmW and Sub-6 network signals and impose higher requirements on temperature, environment, and signal reception capacity.

MC889 Pro adopts the super gain antenna technology capable of 11dBi, which greatly improving the signal reception for terminal users.


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