Lawsuits between Chinese OEMs may either not be common, or just not as public as other OEMs in our shores make it seem. Huawei spent a great deal of time showing us all the camera innovations that it launched with the Huawei P8 a few days ago, some hardware related like with the RGBW sensor, and others software related. ZTE feels that some of these innovations on the Huawei P8 and the MediaPad X2 infringe in Nubia patents, and a lawsuit has been filed.

The first infringement applies to “Slow Shutter and Capture technology,” which we assume relates to the light painting option in the P8’s camera. The second patent is a tad odd because it’s called “Imaging and Mobile camera tech,” which is sadly not specific. ZTE is asking Huawei to stop manufacturing the infringing devices. ZTE also published a statement on Weibo about the topic (via Google Translate):

“Nubian phone camera technology has been committed to research and development, and has started to obtain the relevant patents, we strive to promote the development of innovative technology to the mobile phone industry. Faced with a wide range of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. of plagiarism, we felt it was time to stand up and use the law to maintain order in the industry healthy competition.”

Let’s see where all this drama ends.

Source: ZTE
Via: GSM Arena

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