Pico projectors aren’t new, and we’ve seen a couple of companies trying to use this technology in order to allow mobile users to enhance their displays on the go. Sadly the concept hasn’t really taken off, and that’s mainly an implementation problem, as Pico projectors aren’t really bright, and smartphones aren’t really powerful enough to keep the light active for very long. Now, what happens when a company does things the other way around, and instead of fitting a projector in a smartphone, fits a smartphone in a projector?

Make sure you watch our hands-on coverage of the ZTE Spro 2, the company’s second attempt at re-imagining the digital projector. Unlike any other smart projector, its touch screen interface utilizes Android 4.4 KitKat and provides full access to the Google Play store. The Spro 2 streams media content via Google Play apps, micro SD card, USB stick or via HDMI cable or WiFi connections for devices such as game consoles or laptops.

What makes this product cool is how easily it can auto focus and auto zoom to its target automatically, and uses 200 lumens to provide a crisp 720p image that can stretch up to 10 feet. It can also become a mobile hotspot when needed, since yes, this is a smartphone at heart. Watch our hands-on video for more details on what the Spro 2 is all about.

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