Believe it or not, there could be an 8GB RAM ZTE Nubia Z17 variant in the pipeline

While things are still relatively quiet on the high-end ZTE smartphone release front, we have reason to expect both a new Axon and Nubia flagship before long. After all, it’s been roughly a year since the Axon 7 and Nubia Z11 went on sale in different regions, and at least the latter’s sequel was most likely benchmarked last week with Snapdragon 835 processing power under the hood.

The fast and furious but still hard to come by Qualcomm SoC might be why we’re yet to hear credible speculation on a prospective ZTE Axon 8. As for the “regular” Nubia Z17 weirdly launching after its diminutive sibling, there’s a solid possibility it will completely knock the socks off multitasking fanatics.

According to a screenshot of a purported temporary listing on the Chinese OEM’s website, which unfortunately we can’t verify at this time, the ZTE Nubia Z17 will start at 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. That’s not what Geekbench suggested, but maybe there are three main configurations in the pipeline. Including the world’s first to pack 8GB RAM.

Yes, 8 gigs of the good stuff are said to make this presumably domestic-only beast stand out from the crowd, although once again, the information is impossible to corroborate. The same goes for that render you see there in the above screen capture, including a beautifully curved display with generous top and bottom bezels, dual vertical rear cameras, and a fingerprint reader positioned right below that main photography setup.

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