It wasn’t that long ago when we were bringing you a review of the ZTE Nubia 5, and now we’re already looking at the arrival of the next Nubia models, the 5s and 5s mini. Today at the CES we went looking to check out the hardware, and ran into the Nubia 5s at ZTE’s booth.

The handset features what ZTE calls “professional-grade photography hardware,” consisting of a 13-megapixel Sony RS sensor and an iris with f/2.0 aperture. It’s capable of recording 4K video (to give you something to play back on one of the many, many 4K TVs hanging out at the CES) and offers users advanced manual controls. To help you see all your pretty pictures in crystal clarity, the phone sports a five-inch 1080p Sharp-made display.

That sounds fine, but what’s the actual experience like? Let’s take a look:

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