This ZTE Gigabit Phone sure sounds exciting, but actual 5G speeds remain a pipe dream

It’s 2017, and Joe Levi’s rhetorical question from a couple of years back still stands. Should you care about 5G? Absolutely… in theory, although in practice, America’s “big four” wireless service providers are yet to even achieve the speed standards expected of 4G LTE connectivity.

Of course, 5th generation mobile networks and so-called Gigabit support feel like a similarly distant dream worldwide, but we’re happy to report more and more baby steps are taken in the right direction, starting with Qualcomm’s theoretical breakthrough last year, followed by a major recent infrastructure progress in Australia, and now the introduction of the first ever gigabit LTE-capable smartphone.

Fittingly dubbed the ZTE Gigabit Phone, this mystery bad boy will enable mind-boggling download speeds of over 1 Gbps… hypothetically speaking. With “instant cloud storage” functionality, 360-degree panoramic VR video creation, substantial “entertainment upgrades and fast cache of ultra Hi-Fi music and movies” also in tow, it sounds like something we’ll get to see from a distance at MWC 2017, then hear very little about for the rest of the year.

But maybe we’re too cynical, and the Barcelona demo later this month will include actual specifications and features you can take advantage of today, as well as pricing and availability details. Fingers crossed, everybody.

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