Can you imagine the idea of still being able to use your old HTC HD2 under today’s hardware standards? There’s no denying that we all miss a specific smartphone we fell in-love with years ago, and I’m sure many of you would wish to still be able to use it today if the hardware was current to today’s software demands. Others would also like to be able to upgrade the camera of their HTC One, but wouldn’t mind keeping its beautiful design for another year. The idea of Modular smartphones that will allow you to do this has been on the news since mid-2013 with Motorola’s announced concept, but today we start hearing of another OEM with this purpose in mind, and this one does have a release date.

ZTE has just confirmed that it is joining the modular smartphone arena, and the phone it will build for this purpose is called the Eco-Mobius. The company was actually bold enough to show it off at CES, and even though you couldn’t touch the prototype behind the glass, it is proof that the company has made some interesting growth in this concept. So far the Eco-Mobius has four swappable modules, which are the LCD display, its core (Processor, RAM, ROM), its camera and battery. The company is also hard at work in creating a platform for users that will allow them to interact socially with other users of the same phone, with the purpose of allowing you to buy, sell and even trade modules with other users.

ZTE has said that it plans to launch this product in the next two years, so we can definitely expect the next CES to have a working prototype. Let’s see if ZTE can pull it off before Motorola.

Via: Engadget

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