Separating Black Friday from Cyber Monday deals is apparently a thing of the past, as more and more mobile device manufacturers and retailers aim to stay on the radars of bargain hunters for as long as possible with so-called “Cyber Week” sales.

The latest Android OEM to kick off a slew of promos valid from today, November 23, through next Monday, November 30, is ZTE, which continues to spoil its growing US fanbase with unbelievable quality – pricing ratios.

Case in point, the Zmax 2, recently launched on AT&T, and now available unlocked for $130 straight from the Chinese company’s US website. That’s the exact same tag as the prepaid version locked to Ma Bell, though obviously, once the Cyber Deals expire early next week, the SIM-free Zmax 2 will surge to $180.

Even at $180, the 5.5-incher sounds like a steal, what with a 720p screen in tow, quad-core Snapdragon 410 chip, 2GB RAM, 3,000 mAh battery, 16GB internal storage, and microSD support.

If you have a little extra money saved, and want to get more “bang”, the Axon costs $279 after a $50 trim, the 32GB Axon Pro is $329 ($70 off list), and the 64 gig Axon Pro goes for $349, down from $449. Just remember to use the “CYBERAX”, “CYBER 32”, and “CYBER 64” coupon codes to slash the “normal” prices. Also, “CYBERZM” for the ZMax 2.

Finally, “CYBERSP” brings you $100 savings on a unique gadget called Spro 2 and typically available at $550 with “smart projector” capabilities. Our top recommendation? Probably the 32GB Axon Pro, which delivers Quad HD display resolution, Snapdragon 810 processing power, and 4GB RAM multitasking prowess in exchange for $330.

Source: ZTE USA

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