This year’s brought us more reasons to be excited about ZTE smartphones than ever before, with the launch of high-profile devices aimed at new markets like the Axon here in the States. In addition to higher-end handsets like that, we also see ZTE soldier on with more super-affordable options, like the Zmax 2 we just learned is coming to AT&T. So while ZTE may have its phone game covered, what about form factors like tablets? So far there haven’t been a ton of models to consider, and those we’ve seen – models like the old Optik – didn’t have a ton going for them in the spec department. That may soon be about to change, as a new benchmark entry points to work on a quite capable-looking tablet.

Based on its model number, this ZTE A2016 is likely to emerge as an Axon-branded tablet, and it could be a big one – the benchmark report gives it a sizable 13.7-inch display, with a resolution of 1080p (maybe not ideal for a screen that size, but very workable). The tablet appears to be powered by a Snapdragon 810 SoC, have 3GB of RAM, and offer 32GB storage. Still, some of the specs here a little wonky, and it looks like the camera data got swapped: the report mentions a 7MP front-facer, but only a 1.8MP rear camera.

While at first glance this data points to this being a tablet, we suppose it’s worth considering that the benchmark screen-size data might be misleading (some odd DPI setting, perhaps?) and we have to keep in mind the possibility that this might not be a tablet at all. But if it is, it certainly sounds like one that will be very interesting to see in the flesh – especially if ZTE is able to bring this guy to market with a competitive price.

Source: GFXbench
Via: phoneArena

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