Roughly 18 months ago, the Axon Pro showed American audiences for the first time that China’s ZTE was capable of more than just building tolerable low-cost, low-end Android smartphones, all while carrying a very reasonable price tag.

In the meantime, the improved, redesigned but far from overpriced Axon 7 has helped consolidate the brand’s US reputation and recognition, practically rendering its predecessor obsolete. Or maybe not… entirely, provided the 2015-released ZTE Axon Pro is affordable enough, even for a limited time only.

Until end of day tomorrow, February 16, Newegg is running a promotion that shaves $100 off the $350 MSRP of the 64GB 5.5-incher outright, also letting you save an additional 20 percent with coupon code 0210CLS03.

In other, simpler words, the 64 gig phone with Quad HD screen resolution, Snapdragon 810 processing power, 4GB RAM, dual 13 + 2MP rear camera, 3000mAh quick-charging battery, and LTE connectivity for your GSM carrier of choice can be yours for $200 instead of $350 if you hurry.

Meanwhile, the 32GB configuration is itself marked down from $250 to $220, then $176 once you apply the same e-voucher. Finally, the non-Pro ZTE Axon, with its Full HD display, Snapdragon 801 SoC and 2GB RAM, will set you back $128 after instant and “promotional” discounts. Solid bargains all around, but clearly, the $200 64GB Axon Pro stands out.

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