According to a CSE & Vantege survey, 68 percent of respondents said that they switch between apps “frequently,” and ZTE is capitalizing on this “pain point” to launch its brand as a salve in the iterative mobile industry. The Chinese OEM is in New York this morning to debut its first top-tier phone that will be sold by a carrier ever. That carrier will be AT&T and the phone is the Axon M.

While the company has had two Axon devices under its US belt, having network notoriety commands attention. The phone maker hopes to capitalize on that with a statement piece — a folding smartphone with two full-sized traditional displays that can come together as one, but provide a full-screen multitasking space. It can be set into a folded, flat or tent positions for two-person interaction.

  • When folded, one screen is lit up for regular usage. That’s “Traditional Mode.”
  • When flat, it can go into “Extended Mode” that utilizes both displays for one interface.
  • It can also go into “Dual Mode” for two app interfaces.
  • And when in the tent fold, it can go into either “Dual Mode” for side-by-side interaction or a “Mirror Mode” for presentations or two-player gaming.

When folded, the device spans 12.1mm thick. Spread out, its mass comes across as a near-square, approximately 150 x 143 mm. The single camera, with the folding nature of the device, can be supported with a viewfinder taking rear-side or front-side pictures. In addition to the specs above, we find dual bottom-firing speakers, a USB-C port with version 2.0 spec, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and a fingerprint sensor topping the side-mounted power button. Continuing the Axon’s high performance audiio lienage, there’s 32-bit and Dolby Atmos support through the AKM 4962 chipset.

As with the other Axon phones, customers will get a two-year warranty and, for travelers, an overseas replacement service through the Axon Passport M program among other amenities — Android Oreo will come within this device’s lifetime. It will come onto AT&T Next within the next month with 30 monthly payments of $24.17 ($750.10 full retail price). Japan’s NTT docomo will announce availability within the day. China Telecom and will both carry the phone in the first quarter. European partners will see the same timeframe.

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