ZTE Axon M, aka Axon Multy, shows its original foldable design for the first time

After (way too) many years of waiting, filled with frustrating pre-production hurdles, endless R&D work, the occasional mouth-watering demonstration and more delays than we care to count, a major smartphone manufacturer could finally be ready to announce the world’s first commercial foldable device.

Shockingly, we’re not talking about Samsung here, although the market-leading chaebol is currently planning to follow ZTE’s suit in a year tops. And the fast-approaching Axon Multy, aka Axon M, is perhaps not as flexible as old “Youm” admirers may have dreamt with their eyes open.

But we’re still looking at an unconventional and unique product with a lot of game-changing potential, depicted in a pair of glamour shots leaked to the tech media by an “exclusive” inside source ahead of a possible October 17 introduction in New York City.

This first visual exposé and the accompanying written report confirms the previous one’s rumored dual usage scenario. Whether it’ll end up branded as the ZTE Axon M or Axon Multy, the ideological heir to 2011’s Kyocera Echo should sport two Full HD displays capable of becoming one super-high-quality 6.8-inch panel with 1,920 x 2,160 pixels resolution.

Exceptionally good for multitasking, the foldable phone is expected to support two apps at once, each running on a different screen. When you don’t need both, you just fold them on top of each other and use one. Even like that, the Axon M (ulty) is purportedly quite sleek, at under 10mm, which isn’t exactly the idea we’re getting from today’s leaked imagery.

Then again, a bit of heft could help with the battery’s endurance between charges, seeing as how the rumored 3,120mAh cell will have to keep a lot of lights on. Yes, we’re hoping Evan Blass is wrong (for a change), including as far as AT&T exclusivity is concerned.

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