ZTE may already have launched its flagship Axon smartphone in the US last week, but it’s been clear that the story behind this handset was far from over. After all, just yesterday we caught wind of a seemingly upgraded version of the Axon for China, enjoying the addition of a fingerprint scanner. Today we get the full picture on the Axon lineup as ZTE introduces a series of models for the Chinese market, including a smartwatch.

First we have the Axon proper, picking up a fingerprint scanner which the US version didn’t have, but seeing its RAM drop at the same time to just 3GB.

There still exists a 4GB version of the phone, though, and for China it gets the name Axon Lux. Beyond the RAM boost, ZTE also upgrades internal storage to a beefy 128GB – and there’s still room for microSD expansion.

ZTE also talked about the Axon Mini, and while we don’t have full specs just yet, there’s one key detail that makes this 5.2-incher (how’s that for “mini?”) stand out: its screen supports force-sensitive touch input, just like Force Touch on the Apple Watch. The system software’s been adapted to take advantage of this new input method, allowing users to perform different tasks based on how firmly they press on the phone’s screen.

Finally, ZTE has a new smartwatch, announcing the Axon Watch. It’s got a circular display with sapphire protection, a 300mAh battery, and 4GB native storage. Like Samsung, ZTE’s eschewing Android Wear in favor of an alternate smartwatch platform, and the Axon Watch will arriving running the Android-based custom Tencent OS.

Source: ZTE, Gizmochina

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