The Axon 7 was one of our favorite phones here at Pocketnow. We knew that the number 8 will be skipped (we’ve got the Axon M instead) and that ZTE will focus on the Axon 9 for this year. The Axon 9 and Axon 9 Pro monikers were trademarked in April with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), offering one more confirmation of what to expect this year.

New evidence is pointing towards the existence of these two phones. An RMA-site code snippet, alongside an HTML5Test both testify to the existence of these models. WinFuture’s Roland Quandt has unveiled both these bits and we can’t help but wonder whether ZTE decides to bring this phone (in both variants) to Berlin early next month.

The company is trying hard to get back on track, and, if the 9 will be anything like the 7, it could be a good start. Speaking of the Axon 7, it was referred to as the A2017, lending more credence to the A2019, A2019G, A2019 Pro, and A2019G Pro being the Axon 9 and 9 Pro, respectively (with the G standing for Global variants).

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