As ZTE Axon 7s debuts in China, Newegg puts Axon 7 on sale

ZTE’s balance sheet has come out in the positive for the first quarter of 2017, but the status of its mobile division is in question after 3,000 layoffs were announced. So, what are we to make of its innovations?

Not terribly much at this stage. It introduced the Axon 7s as a slightly modified follow-on from the Axon 7 Max, which itself was a follow-on from the Axon 7 — speaking of which, a juiced-up version of the Max was also introduced. While the regular Max used a conservative Snapdragon 625, the advanced variant (known as the “Industry Edition”) as well as the new 7s have the Snapdragon 821 and a 4,100mAh battery.

We figure that the screen sizes will differ between the two, but that’s not explicitly told in the press release for the phones.

Unfortunately for any general consumers, the phones are only being sold to the Chinese government and are enriched with encryption measures and security tools with certification upon certification to prove that its so darn safe.

You might want to consider something else the regular Axon 7 again at this point. Newegg is selling the 64GB phone on its eBay channel at $329.99 — $69.99 off — with free shipping.

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