ZTE Axon 7 Unboxing: Budget busting first impressions

Many companies have claimed that they manufacturer the true flagship budget busting smartphone, and over the last two years we’ve seen some incredible competition heat up around the $400 price point. The line between a true-blue top tier handset and a premium mid-ranger is getting increasingly blurry.

Following in the footsteps of companies like Huawei, Motorola, and OnePlus, ZTE is launching a monster of a smartphone in North America with a jaw dropping price tag. The Axon 7 matches or bests the specs we might find on a top of the line Samsung or HTC, but you’ll be able to buy it unlocked for two thirds the price.

A 5.5″ QHD AMOLED screen is powered by a Qualcomm 820, 4GB of RAM, and includes 64GB of built-in storage with the ability to add more via Micro SD card. The 3,250mAh battery is backed up by a USB Type C port packing Quick Charge 3.0. The camera boasts a 20MP resolution sensor, optical image stabilization, and h.265 compression for UHD video. Even though this phone comes with front facing stereo speakers, it’s still overall just a touch shorter than a OnePlus 3.

It’s an impressive overall package on paper, but before we can test this device or compare it to other smartphones, we have to get it out of the box. Here’s our unboxing and first impressions!

ZTE Axon 7 Unboxing: Budget busting first impressions

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