ZTE Axon 7 purportedly discontinued in the US, Axon 8 hopes linger on

China-based ZTE has been on a roll in the US over the past year or so, enjoying surprising mainstream success with low-cost smartphones, both unlocked and tied to prepaid wireless service providers.

Although quirky and experimental, the AT&T-exclusive Axon M is certainly also contributing to the company’s slowly improving North American brand awareness. Still, you have to give it to the Axon Pro and especially Axon 7 for substantially raising ZTE’s local profile.

But the Axon 7 is almost a year and a half old, and even if you find the Axon M’s original dual-screen design practical, that’s simply not what anyone expected from a direct sequel. Fortunately, ZTE USA recently confirmed on Twitter that “there will certainly be a follow on to the incredibly successful Axon 7.”

Unfortunately, while we wait for an already long overdue Axon 8, ZTE’s inexpensive mid-2016 flagship has reportedly gone out of production. That’s what a Redditor claims a customer service rep told him when inquiring of a prospective Axon 7 restocking, adding that the Ion Gold and Quartz Gray models “will not be available for sale going forward.”

Listed as out of stock at the OEM’s official US e-store, the Snapdragon 820-powered 5.5-incher is still up for grabs (likely in limited quantities) from third-party seller PandaVida at $399.99, with orders fulfilled by Amazon.

Hopefully, even though the ZTE Axon 7 has reached end of life status, an Android Oreo update is close-by to replace Nougat, which in turn took over from the pre-installed Marshmallow OS.

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