Smartphone manufacturers don’t usually set up booths at high-profile annual trade shows and exhibitions like CES, MWC or IFA to merely announce software updates for existing devices, but alongside the US launch of the mid-range Blade V8 Pro, and the Kickstarter pre-order debut of the self-adhesive Hawkeye, ZTE today takes the time to preview Nougat for its top-of-the-line Axon 7.

That’s still preview, not actually roll out over-the-air, though what ZTE really wants to highlight at CES 2017 in Las Vegas is the Snapdragon 820-powered 5.5-incher’s upcoming Daydream compatibility.

The fourth largest smartphone supplier in the US is one of the first such companies to “align with Google” in order to support the search giant’s “high quality” mobile virtual reality platform, and these efforts to make the ZTE Axon 7 provide an immersive VR experience at a very reasonable price will come to fruition, though there’s no firm timeframe.

You can probably bet the farm now on an official, final and wide-scale upgrade to the most recent major Android version by the end of the month, possibly around the world, although mum’s the word on whether it’s OS build 7.0 or 7.1 headed to the cheapest “Daydream-ready phone in the US.” Our money’s on the former, and the two aren’t that different after all, but we’re still rooting for a two-step jump straight from 6.0 M to 7.1 N.

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