ZTE Axon 7 After the Buzz: A whole lot of bang for buck (Video)

Isn’t it time for a new affordable US flagship phone from ZTE? Maybe (or maybe not), but one thing’s for sure – if you coughed up $330 for the summer 2016-released Axon 7 a couple of weeks ago, $370 a while before that, or even the full $400 back in the day, the potential for buyer’s remorse remains low.

Extremely low, much like our expectations for the 5.5-incher’s initial out-of-the-box experience and long-term software support. But not only has the ZTE Axon 7 won the nation over straight off the bat with surprisingly top-notch hardware, getting more updates in the past year than newer, hotter, significantly costlier Android hero devices.

It goes without saying that the audio performance is still impressive by any standard, with camera capabilities greatly improved since the phone made its commercial debut, not to mention Daydream functionality added to the high-end feature mix.

Granted, the whole mobile VR experience is still lacking in terms of content and general polish, with a concerning contribution to system overheating as well. But 7.1 Nougat is awesome, and a few of ZTE’s proprietary add-ons (RAW image capture!) almost make the Axon 7 feel like a whole new product.

An arguably better one than last year’s ZTE Axon 7, which should be the industry norm, but let’s face it, is rarely the case, especially in this price bracket.

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