ZTE’s own CEO teases the Axon 2 by showing off its screw-free bottom

Following a Tenaa regulatory visit that practically etched all of Axon 2’s specifications in stone, as well as exhibiting its front, rear and lateral design in excellent quality, ZTE was left scraping the bottom of the barrel for things it could still surprise us with in the build up to a formal announcement.

The company’s CEO, Zeng Xuezhong, ultimately chose a bold side-by-side comparison of the “all new Axon”, iPhone 6s and Huawei P9, pitting the three against one another in a battle of… screws and speaker grills. Wait, what?

It’s true, ZTE seems to think one of the reasons the Axon 2 is better than the competition is its minimal use of bottom screws, plus the placement of stereo speakers on the device’s face, over and under the 5.5-inch Quad HD display.

That’s sure debatable and of little value for most prospective customers, which instead may want to know if the ZTE Axon 2 is indeed the world’s number one powerhouse. Or exactly how might the single new 20MP rear-facing camera differ from the old 13 + 2 megapixel dual arrangement.

Are there Pro, Max, Elite and/or Mini derivations of the second-gen flagship in the pipeline too? If so, how many of them and will one or two perhaps up the RAM ante to 6GB? Finally, what kind of quality – pricing ratio are we looking at, given the constant intensification of high-end Chinese competition?

Those are the important questions, not the number of screws holding the handheld together that will be visible on the outside. But at least ZTE is trying to maintain buzz around the looming device, which we applaud.

Source: GizmoChina

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