ZTE’s been nothing short of weird when it comes to Windows Phone lately. Back in September, an exec released some pics of upcoming handsets, including at least one that was unquestionably a Windows Phone model. The company oddly blurred-out a full half of that phone’s image, making it clear that we were looking either WP7.8 or WP8, but offering little additional info. Since then, we’ve heard claims from the manufacturer that its first WP8 device could hope to launch in Q1 2013. Today, the murky Windows Phone situation over at ZTE only continues to confuse us, upon news of some hardware with highly unusual specs.

Like that September pic, today’s image comes from a ZTE exec, posted to a social networking site. The image itself is innocuous enough, if not interesting in that it is still using the WP7-style Windows logo, but the specs offered alongside the picture are simply confounding: supposedly, this is a 5.9-inch handset with a full HD screen.

Nothing about that makes sense. For one, unless that’s a really odd-sized pen, those phones look nowhere near large enough to have nearly-six-inch screens. Then there’s the fact that Windows Phone 8 doesn’t even support full HD 1080p resolutions. Perhaps the poster, marketing chief Lu Qian Hao, misspoke, and meant a 720p HD screen, but that doesn’t make those size claims any easier to swallow.

So, what gives? Is ZTE just messing with us? Is this all nothing more than a case of problems communicating, possibly due to the language barrier? Honestly, for now we don’t know what to think.

Source: ZTE (Weibo)
Via: Engadget

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