As part of its Zoomtopia 2020 event. Zoom has today announced a new platform called OnZoom that will allow users to create and host paid online events such as fitness classes, music concerts, comedy shows and workshops. OnZoom, which has now started to roll out as a public beta, is only available for paid Zoom users. The company says OnZoom is very much a part of its unified communications platform whose growth has skyrocketed with the onset of a global pandemic that has given a huge push to remote learning and collaboration. 

OnZoom will let users do everything from listing and selling tickets, promoting it via email and social media to actually hosting an event (or a series of paid online events). Users will be able to look up for upcoming events in a public directory and can pay for tickets online using PayPal or credit cards.

Zoom users will also be able to purchase tickets for friends and family members. Plus, there is also an option of donating directly to fundraiser events held via OnZoom for a good cause. And once a paid online event concludes, all virtual attendees will be able to rate it, mark it as their favorite and also share it with others. 

Only available to paid users, for now!

To promote OnZoom, the company has partnered with organizations such as WW (formerly Weight Watchers – promotes a healthy lifestyle), Life Rolls On (covers adaptive surf and skate events for people with disabilities) and Beautiful Destinations (which is all about travel and lifestyle inspirations). However, Zoom is not the only major name that has jumped in the paid online event domain. 

Back in August, Facebook announced that it will let small businesses and creators host paid online events, with the social media giant announcing that it won’t take a cut from the money raised by these events. Last month, Google also made its experimental Fundo platform openly available to all creators, letting them host paid personal chats with their fans, organize meet and greet events, and even start a workshop. You can check out more details about OnZoom here.

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