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Zoom disables GIPHY integration in chat citing user privacy concerns

By Nadeem Sarwar May 25, 2020, 11:19 am

Just when the talks regarding Facebooks’s mega GIPHY acquisition and how it would provide the social media giant with an enormous amount of user data had started to wane, the GIF sharing platform is back in the news again. Popular video conferencing solution Zoom has disabled GIPHY integration in Zoom Chat without giving any specific reason behind the move.

The vague explanation given by Zoom only says it has disabled the feature to “ensure strong privacy protection for users.” The company adds that once additional technical and security measures are put into effect, GIPHY integration in chats will be enabled again.


The change was listed in a blog post that also mentioned a few other tweaks such as an audio chime to alert the host when someone enters or leaves the Waiting Room. Moreover, in case of meetings that require registration, the host will have the option to allow the participant to join the call from multiple devices or restrict him to a single device.

Source: Zoom


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