ASUS ZenFone 2 prepares to make its formal debut on the US market

We’re coming up on four months now since ASUS first announced its ZenFone 2 back at CES in January, a phone (or should we say, family of phones, since the ZenFone 2 varies quite a bit in its configuration options) that’s managed to stay in the headlines not just because of its very affordable price point, but because of just how well equipped it can be for such a budget-priced handset: you still won’t see big-name Android flagships packing a solid 4GB of RAM, yet ASUS has managed to outfit the ZenFone 2 with just that kind of memory to spare. Now the manufacturer is getting ready to let the ZenFone 2 loose across the US, as it plans a New York launch event next month.

ASUS has been bringing the ZenFone 2 to more and more markets this spring, and a month back we saw it spread through Europe. Now, in just over two weeks, ASUS is throwing its official ZenFone 2 North American launch event, set to fall on Monday, May 18.

We’ve got plenty of questions that we hope to see answered at that event, not the least of which being what ASUS is thinking in terms of pricing – while the ZenFone 2’s been quite affordable wherever it’s landed, the exact numbers haven’t been consistent across markets, and it remains to be seen just where ASUS intends to position things for the US. There’s also the issue of availability, and while sales might benefit hugely from a US carrier partner, we’re not yet sure if that’s the direction ASUS intends to go.

Granted, you can already order a ZenFone 2 in the US from retailers like Amazon, but this pending official availability should still have a big impact on just how easy it will be to pick up the smartphone.

Source: Android Central

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