There’s a solid chance your smartphone has a higher-res screen than your living room television, and new models like the Vivo Xplay 5 could even have more RAM than your laptop, but there’s one area where phones still seem to come up short, year after year: storage. The flash chips themselves may be a bit speedier on more recent hardware, but in terms of sheer capacity the industry’s been at a standstill – and that makes it imperative that we stretch available storage as far as it can go. Unfortunately for owners of the ASUS ZenFone 2, it appears that a recent update has been eating up free space as quick as it can get its hands on it, leaving users with perilously little for themselves.

Users started noticing their phone’s free space eroding away earlier this year, but standard file system tools failed to reveal where all this space was going – all ZenFone 2 owners could see was that a huge chunk of data was getting marked as system reserved.

Only by rooting their phones could users get to the bottom of the issue: at some point in the recent past, something changed that caused the phone to start saving huge log files – we’re talking gigabytes and gigabytes of useless data. Granted, detailed log files can be well and good when a manufacturer is trying to diagnose problem behavior – but it’s something else when poor management of the log files themselves is itself the cause of such grief.

What’s a user to do? Well, like we said, the fact that these are system files prevents you from easily deleting them – but if you’re so inclined to root your phone, they’re living in the data/logs/modemcrash directory. Maybe the easier path is to wait for an update from ASUS: today on the company’s support forums, ASUS posted that it’s now aware of the bug and “this issue will be fixed on the future firmware update.”

Source: ASUS forums
Via: Android Police

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