Zauba lists a slew of waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7 parts, but it probably means water-resistant

Since there’s not much left to be leaked about the rapidly approaching Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (or S7 Plus), we can use the next couple of weeks until the glamorous pre-MWC announcement to fact-check all the “inside” information floating around the interwebs right now.

After all, a golden rule of journalism says a rumor becomes a little more than that only once you’ve verified it via two separate, independent, credible sources. Case in point, the water protection capabilities of Sammy’s next big thing(s) are practically etched in stone today, with Indian import-export tracker Zauba supporting @evleaks’ claims on the matter.

Interestingly enough, a series of components for the SM-G930F (flat Galaxy S7) and SM-G935F (S7 Edge) are described as waterproof in Zauba’s database, which suggests the two phones may handle lengthy immersion in pools or even the ocean.

But based on how difficult it normally is to design a liquid-sealed gadget, capable of staying alive in different pressure environments, not to mention considering Samsung’s attention for fashion and visual pizazz, we’re guessing the S7 and S7 Edge will merely withstand 1 meter deep swims up to 30 minutes. You know, like the Galaxy S5.

Best case scenario, they could up the water resistance ante from IP67 to IP68 certification, enduring continuous submersion beyond 1 m, possibly as low as 3 m. Either prospect would of course be preferable to the Galaxy S6, which can only survive on dry land, and alongside microSD support and Snapdragon 820 processing power, it’s likely to be at the center of Samsung’s marketing efforts.

Sources: Zauba (1), (2), Twitter
Via: PhoneArena

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