Zauba may have teased model number of Galaxy Note 7 edge

There have been rumors floating about in China of an “edgy” Note 6 this season instead of an “edge+” model as Samsung put out last year. Well, it’s been a bit since we’ve talked about this rumor and, lo and behold, rumors have gone ahead and changed the Note 6’s name.

Cue obligatory “Why six afraid of seven?” jokes here.

Well, Indian import/export database Zauba might have evidence of what could end up being called the Galaxy Note 7 edge.

Diving into Samsung’s nomenclature here, we’ve seen the regular Galaxy S model numbers coded in the alphanumeric format of “SM-G9XX”. The Notes have followed a similar format, but with the “G” replaced with an “N”. The Galaxy S6 was the “SM-G920” and the Note 5 ended up being the “SM-N920”. It leads us to believe that this year’s Galaxy S7 — “SM-G930” — will get a Note companion internally named “SM-N930”.

The Galaxy S6 edge was called “SM-G925” and the Galaxy S7 edge was “SM-935”. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ kept to the “G” precedent with its tag of “SM-G928”. The serial number “SM-N935G” leads us to believe that there will be an “Edge” variant of the Note 7 this year.

While the neon arrows are blaring hot at this conclusion, it’s not at all official, so take a breather and have a little thought with us: would it make sense for Samsung to implement some curves onto a phone you’d put a plastic pen onto?

Source: Zauba
Via: SamMobile

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