Zagg unleashes two new versatile Pro keyboard cases for iPad Pro 9.7

Now that it’s become clear as day Apple has no intentions to unveil any new iPad this fall, it’s probably time to reconsider last year’s 12.9-inch Pro model or the spring 2016-released 9.7-incher.

The latter in particular may appeal to folks incurably in love with that footprint and aspect ratio, given the next-gen mid-sized iPad Pro is likely to add roughly a centimeter to the classic diagonal. But if perhaps the reason you’ve been hesitating to pick it up was the lack of first-party keyboard diversity, Zagg can hook you up with a duo of compelling fresh third-party options.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro Slim Book Pro and Rugged Book Pro cases improve on the previously rolled-out Slim Book and Rugged Book, setting you back $150 apiece with built-in kickstands, magnetic hinge mechanisms, dedicated Apple Pencil holders, and of course, actual physical keyboards with backlit keys.


As the names suggest, the peripherals mainly differ by how slender and tough they look, one measuring just 6.5mm in depth and offering mild protection against the occasional drop, while the other is “engineered to operate in harsher conditions by adding formidable layers of protection and reinforced corners to guard your iPad Pro against damage.” The second one is obviously chunkier too.

Both Zagg products are guaranteed to catch the eye of hardcore multitaskers thanks to neat multi-device pairing and toggling features as well, letting you instantly switch between an iPad, iPhone and iMac, for instance, all of which sync to the keyboards via Bluetooth.

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