Info about Sony’s next Xperia flagships have been just pouring out of the woodwork lately, as we’ve picked up new details on not just the Xperia Z3, but also the Xperia Z3 Compact. As we wait to see if Sony really intends to release this pair at its IFA 2014 event in just a few weeks, we’re continuing to pick up new details on the models, all in the hope of confirming some of these rumors. Yesterday, the FCC published some new certification docs on what sure seems to be the Z3 Compact, and in doing so the agency appears to confirmed the phone’s rumored screen size.

The FCC’s got listings for two variants, with IDs PY7PM-0810 and PY7PM-0812, and while we’re used to finding some basic external dimensions in these documents, this time we go one better, and the paperwork clearly spells-out a diagonal screen measurement of 116mm – or 4.56 inches. That corresponds nicely with the 4.6-inch rumors that had been going around.

As Xperia Blog notes, we can work out the screen-to-face ratio from this data, with the display consuming roughly 70% of the area. That’s not the highest ratio Sony’s managed to churn out, but it’s right up there near the top, good news for both bezel-haters and users who really want a compact phone that lives up to its name.

The really impressive thing is that the Z3 Compact is shaping up to be physically nearly the exact same size as the Z1 Compact (its face, anyway – the body could even be a bit slimmer), while moving from a 4.3-inch to this 4.6-inch display.

Source: FCC
Via: Xperia Blog

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