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Sony is not having the best luck when it comes to really nailing the quality control for its smartphones. A couple months back we shared with you an issue cropping up with the Xperia Z1 Compact, where light was apparently bleeding through the phone’s body from its flash to the camera sensor, washing out pics in the process. Sony’s latest and greatest Xperia model is the new Z2, and once again new owners are sharing their dissatisfaction with unexpected hardware problems.

First up, we have another build quality issue. Some owners report the presence of gaps between the edge of the phone’s glass face and the metal frame, raising concerns that the handset’s waterproofing may be compromised. This isn’t the first time that issues like this have been noticed with Xperia models, but based on the frequency of reports, it may be a more widespread problem with the Z2.

Then there’s an overheating issue with the Z2, one that can occur when shooting 4K resolution video for an extended period of time. Sometimes the phone gets so hot that software becomes glitchy, leading to apps crashing.

Sony has responded to both sets of allegations. As for the gap issue, the company says that it’s currently looking into things, and that anyone who’s worried that waterproofing may be compromised can take their Z2 to a service center to have the handset tested. In regards to the 4K overheating, Sony says that for the “best experience,” users should “shoot 4K video in short bursts of no longer than a few minutes at a time.” That’s not the most satisfying response, and it would be great to hear that a fix was in the works, but this may simply be a case of pushing the hardware too close to its limits.

Source: Singapore Hardware Zone
Via: Xperia Blog

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