It used to be that mobile product feedback was a one-way street: a company would release some new hardware or software, users would celebrate or decry its release, and maybe if we were super-lucky, the manufacturer would take some of that input at heart when coming out with its next product. But these days it’s really starting to feel like the tide is turning, as companies start looking to user feedback earlier and earlier in the design process – just look at the extent to which Microsoft’s been engaging with its user base as Windows 10 (and especially W10 Mobile) came to market. Now ZTE’s looking to get some crowdsourced input on its own designs as it gets ready to introduce the new Z-Community online forum.

Z-Community’s going to be a lot of things, including a place where users get news and support, but arguably its most exciting tenet is how it promises to influence future ZTE products.

The company’s interested in getting user input on everything about its products, from software to hardware, taking suggestions from the community and polling members for their feelings about where its devices should be headed. There’s no guarantee that your idea will make the cut, but if you’ve got something clever to say, your thought just might find a home in a future ZTE product.

Look for more info on Z-Community registrations to emerge over the next few months.

Source: ZTE

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