Yu Yutopia declares war on plastic and sandstone with ‘truly powerful’ metal body

Fret not, Cyanogen OS aficionados, as your favorite Android fork still has a future on Yu phones, most notably the looming Yutopia. The rapidly rising Micromax-owned Indian brand has already confirmed its next-gen hero’s market name, pre-installed software version, and now, the premium build material soon to be used to stand out from the pack.

The plastic and sandstone pack, that is, with Yu keen to mock rival OnePlus, and pompous advertising labels given to ultimately mundane plastic finishes. There will be no similar tricks employed to overhype the Yu Yutopia, and possibly mislead prospective buyers, as “true power lies in metal.”

No words yet on whether an all-aluminum construction is in the pipeline, or maybe a Samsung-inspired mix of sorts with glass. The Yu Yutopia should be a “real beast” and “the most powerful phone on the planet”, according to its makers, with an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor among the rumored technical highlights, and likely two separate configurations on the horizon, with your choice of Full HD screen resolution and 3GB RAM, or 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and 4 gigs of memory.

Yu seems to deem OnePlus a major antagonist, further teasing the 5.2-inch Yutopia as “the true flagship killer” in official Facebook interactions. “Flagship rivals may become immaterial” as early as next month, and in addition to “true power”, an aggressive price point will no doubt be pursued. Do you think Yu’s got what it takes to succeed on the mainstream mobile scene?

Source: Facebook
Via: GSM Arena

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