YouTube on iOS finally takes advantage of Split View and Slide Over

Our iPad Pro review from late November showed off the Split View, Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture multitasking features that came with an updated iOS. Of course, a lot of time on iTunes was due, but just on half of the screen (or less!). But no time on YouTube was really possible as such — folks at Google didn’t make it compatible with the new iOS features until it pushed an update just today.

No longer relegated to the full screen, clips from YouTube can now share the area with another app or appear as a bookmark-esque pulldown. The sore thumb still hurting? No Picture-in-Picture. No tiny, movable windows to keep tabs on the latest Pocketnow review while the entire rest of the screen can be devoted to anything else.

Google has been slow in moving features from its Android apps onto its iOS apps. It only just added the ride-sharing tab found on Google Maps on Android. Speculatively, the company may be working on an advanced version of its Keyboard for Android with its revenue-generating search engine heavily integrated.

Via: Redmond Pie

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