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YouTube gets new UI on mobile, PiP mode still under testing on iOS

By Sanuj Bhatia February 2, 2022, 5:50 am
YouTube logo Source: YouTube

YouTube is rolling out a new video player UI on iOS and Android. The new interface brings a row of buttons in the bottom left corner, sleeker buttons, new settings button, and much more.

Now, when you take a video to full screen, you'll be greeted with the new buttons and UI. On the bottom left corner, there are now buttons for like/dislike, opening the comment section, sharing the video, and saving the video to a playlist.

There’s also a new "More Videos" section in the bottom right corner. Tapping this reveals YouTube video suggestions. Interestingly, the comments section now opens up on the right side when you're in full-screen mode. Previously, to view comments, you had to switch back to portrait mode to view comments.


The like, dislike, share and save buttons were available previously as well (in the full-screen mode), but they're hidden behind a gesture. You previously had to swipe up from the bottom in full-screen mode to view these quick-access buttons, but not anymore.

On the top right corner, YouTube has replaced the "three-dot icon" with a settings gear icon. Tapping this button still reveals the same menu, but the new icon makes it clearer that the button is for, well, adjusting the settings of the video (captions, streaming quality, subtitle, speed, etc).

Picture-in-Picture mode still an "experimental feature" on iOS

youtube pip mode ios Source: Pocketnow

YouTube rolled out PiP on iOS as an "experimental feature" last year. Users who had a Premium account had to manually enable the feature from "try new features" settings in the YouTube app. At the time, YouTube said that the feature was available for testing and even today, the feature still remains an "experimental feature".

YouTube had previously set the limit for the iOS PiP mode test for January 31, 2022. However, now the deadline has been extended to February 14, 2022. Going by YouTube's statement, the date might get shifted again as the company is still refining the feature.

In a statement to MacRumors, Google said that the company is still working on YouTube's PiP mode for iOS. The company is still planning to launch the feature for all Premium subscribers and both Premium and non-Premium subscribers in the US, but there's still no word on the official launch.

"We're still planning to launch PiP for all users without a YouTube Premium subscription in the US. We have no other updates to share at this time. In the meantime, we've also extended our experiment of PiP on youtube.com/new for our Premium users on iOS as we continue to test and improve the experience before launch."

The new YouTube UI is now rolling out. I'm currently seeing it on only one of my phones, but not on others. Has your YouTube switched to the new UI? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: XDA Developers, MacRumors


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