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YouTube for iPhone X now allows for pinch to zoom video

By Jules Wang November 8, 2017, 1:50 pm

It’s nice to be able to get more content and less girth in our hands and, yes, we’re talking about the iPhone X here.

But one of the annoying quirks about extra-wide (or extra-tall) displays is the fact that most motion picture content is available in 16:9. That means a lot of pillarboxing. As the trend began on Android, we’ve seen video platform apps slowly support the option to crop in.

The iPhone X, with its 19.5:9 panel, is now in the market and it’s about time that the apps follow along. One of the first is YouTube with version 12.43 of the app. Users can now pinch into the vision while in fullscreen mode.

iTunes properties should be on this train already and we only hope that other apps are in on it soon — it’s not an optimal user experience but, in a bezel-hating world, it’s a desired one.

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