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If you’re on YouTube, you’re either a creator (like us), or a content consumer (or both). Whichever the case may be, we are certain you are very familiar with the Dislike button, and how it affects the performance of a video. We’re not talking about decent dislikes, we’re talking about abusing the Dislike button. That’s also what Tom Leung, Product Manager for YouTube, is talking about, in a recent video he posted.

He talks about non-skippable ads, and other features for Creators, but what’s most important, he’s addressing “dislike mobs”. Apparently, Google is trying to do something about the Dislike button, and they’re asking for feedback. Options on the table, in order to limit abusing the Dislike button, include removing it altogether, requiring an explanation for the Dislike, or removing the counters for dislikes.

He also said that if any of the proposed changes would result in a more negative status quo than the current one, things will likely not change. However, for creators, it can really create a painful experience to have a video up for which the Dislike button has been abused. That being said, what do you think about the topic? Have you ever abused the Dislike button? How do you think YouTube should approach this issue?

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