The rise of YouTube has given content creators billions of eyes eager to check out their latest videos, and a ton of those views come from smartphone users. But while those viewers have enjoyed a relatively fleshed-out app experience (relatively – sorry, Windows Phone crew), things haven’t been so easy for users trying to administer their own channels. Luckily for those with subscribers to please, YouTube is looking to fix this situation, and today announces its intent to release a separate app for content creators.

Now, we don’t yet have full details on the sort of features to expect in these apps, nor which platforms will be targeted, but the way YouTube talks about it, we’d expect a significant proportion of web-based creator tools to make the trek over to mobile. And availability for both Android and iOS sounds likely, though we couldn’t guess who might get it first.

With iOS, in particular, we’re curious if this might arrive as a re-envisioning of the current YouTube Capture app, of if it really might be fully separate.

However it happens, look for this content creator app to arrive “in the coming months.”

Source: YouTube
Via: 9to5 Mac

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