In a bid to curb misinformation, YouTube is expanding its fact check panel feature to the United States after launching it in India and Brazil. YouTube says the fact check panels will highlight relevant, third-party verified articles at the top of search results when users look for information.

However, these panels will only appear when users search for something specific like “did a fire start in California”, and not in case of generic keyword searches such as “fire” or “tornado”. Information in the fact check panels is sourced from third-party publishers and employs the ClaimReview tagging system.

YouTube says The Dispatch,, PolitiFact, and The Washington Post Fact Checker are among the first names joining the initiative in the United States to help contain the proliferation of false information. The fact-checking panels are admittedly not 100% accurate but they will improve over time, and will gradually arrive in more regions too.

Source: Google Blog

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