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YouTube app on Android tests showing Google Search results alongside relevant videos

By Nadeem Sarwar May 25, 2020, 9:47 pm

Sometimes, watching a video on YouTube might not be enough to satiate your curiosity, which is why users like me often end up firing up the web browser to know more about a particular topic. Google apparently wants to remove the hassle of switching between apps and has started showing Google Search results alongside the relevant videos for your query in the YouTube app on Android.

First spotted by a user on Reddit, we tried to replicate the new feature and it worked. When you search a keyword in the YouTube app, a row titled “Result from the web” appears between the video recommendations. You can either click on the search result to directly open the webpage without exiting the YouTube app, or you can tap on the Search “(your search keywords)” on Google button below.

However, it appears that the test is being conducted among a limited number of users because the in-app Google Search results don’t show up for everyone. We also noticed that the Google Search result in the YouTube app mostly pops-up when you search for a how-to or tutorial video. Google is yet to officially detail its new feature, so we may have to wait a bit to know more about it.

Via: Reddit


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