Believe it or not, there’s more happening this week in mobile than just the arrival of rumors and leaks about upcoming MWC hardware. Granted, there’s been a lot of that kind of stuff, but the stray non-MWC news still manages to sneak through the cracks, like it did earlier this week when Google launched the new YouTube Kids app. As it happens, it’s not just YouTube’s youngest users who have something to look forward to this week, and now we learn about a useful new tool coming to the regular YouTube Android app.

Already this year we’ve seen signs of Google working to give YouTube better mobile tools for content creators, like evidence pointing to new filter effects. Those appear to still be a work in progress, but for now Google’s got some new other new tools to talk about.

The video-trimming tool gives uploaders precise control over where their clips begin and end, and a video preview mode lets them check out how the finished recording will look prior to uploading it to YouTube’s servers. It’s a very basic, utilitarian change, but one that could go a long way towards increasing the watchability of clips stemming from mobile sources.

Source: Google
Via: Android Central

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