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Your next MacBook Pro and iPad will likely feature a Samsung display

By Samuel Martinez August 10, 2021, 3:30 pm
MacBook Pro

We have been getting rumors suggesting that Apple may soon feature OLED displays on several of its upcoming products, and it seems that we are getting very close to seeing that happen. The first devices to get this new feature are expected to be Apple’s MacBook Pro, and some believe that future iPad models will also see this upgrade. The latest information makes us think that these products are getting closer, as Samsung Display is allegedly getting ready to meet the demand.

According to a report from The Elec, Samsung Display has started to prepare to produce OLD displays for upcoming MacBook Pro and iPad models. The report claims that the company is expecting orders for 10-inch and larger OLED displays, which means that it must get everything ready to create these larger OLED screens.


“Samsung Display’s OLED etcher suppliers have begun the development of their new dry etchers for Gen 8.5 OLED panels, TheElec has learned […]”
“Dry etchers are betting at etching finer and more precise circuits compared to wet etchers.”
“OLED for IT applications that are 10-inch or larger required red, green and blue pixels to be aligned tightly on the panel, making the use of dry etcher optimal for their production […]”
“Samsung Display is expecting its customers Samsung Electronics and Apple to increase their orders for IT OLED panels going forward.”

However, it seems that Apple will take its time to give OLED displays to its users since the long-awaited 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are believed to feature mini-LED displays, just like the one found in the latest iteration of the iPad Pro. Rumors suggest that the new OLED MacBook Pro and iPad models would have to wait until 2022, which doesn’t sound so crazy.

the best Pro M1 MacBook

MacBook Pro

11-inch iPad Pro Space Gray

iPad Pro

We have already received similar information from Digitimes suggesting that Apple could release a new 16 to 17-inch MacBook Pro model with an OLED display sometime in 2022 and a new 10.8-inch iPad, and a 12.9 inch iPad Pro with OLED technology. Remember that Apple already uses OLED panels on its latest iPhone 12 lineup, Apple Watch models, and the Touch Bar of the current MacBook Pro models, so we only have to wait a bit longer to see this feature in more Apple products.

Via 1 MacRumors

Via 2 9to5Mac

Source The Elec


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