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Your Instagram Stories could be longer soon

By Roland Udvarlaki December 16, 2021, 9:00 am
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Instagram has been hard at work this year as the company focused on copying most of TikTok’s features, and building into its own popular social network. The Meta-owned social media platform has recently started testing out longer video story segments that would let users record and post videos up to 60-seconds.

Matt Navarra, an Instagram user based in Turkey, has posted a screenshot on Twitter, confirming that Instagram is testing out 60-second videos for its Stories feature. On the popup, the text reads, “Discover longer stories. Videos up to 60 seconds will no longer be segmented.” (via 9to5Mac).


For those who don’t know, the Stories feature is similar to Facebook or Snapchat Stories and it lets users upload videos that can stay live for 24-hours before they disappear. Users were previously only allowed to upload 15 seconds at once, before the video would be cut up into multiple segments.

Instagram is also working on a new interface for posting Stories that would make it easier for users to tag other users, and provide more information on the location and description of a post. We don’t know when any of these new changes will become available to users, but our best guess is either before the end of the year, or sometime in 2022.

TikTok has become one of the best and most popular applications in the past two years. Meta (previously called Facebook) has been focusing on copying most of the features, and building them into its own applications, mainly into Instagram. This resulted in the platform launching its Reels feature, which is identical to how TikTok videos are displayed and can be used on the platform.

What are your thoughts about longer Stories videos? Will you want to use the feature more often? Let us know in the comments below!


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