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Chrome OS

Your Chromebook and phone could be synced better soon

By Prakhar Khanna February 4, 2021, 1:51 am
Chrome OS

One of the advantages of being in the Apple ecosystem is the wireless syncing of devices at all times. Your iPhone and Mac are in sync to make your work life easier. Microsoft has tried the same approach with the Your Phone app on Android phones to sync them with your Windows machine. Soon, Chrome OS could establish more with its own syncing-with-phone alternative, Phone Hub.

Chrome OS’ Phone Hub feature was unearthed by XDA-Developers back in September. The feature is tipped to be built on Chrome OS that already offers integration with Android devices by introducing new capabilities. Now, a Reddit user by the username /u/Xenofastiq on the Chrome OS subreddit has reported that the Phone Hub feature is functional for them.

Chrome OS Phone Hub
Image Credits: /u/Xenofastiq on Reddit

The OS already offers easy integration with your Android phone for things like messages, Smart Lock, and automatic WiFi hotspot. The Chrome OS Phone Hub will expand on these abilities of phone-to-Chromebook sync features by adding a new UI in the taskbar and adding notification mirroring. While the feature is in development, it seems like it is only working for a handful of users.

“Enable hotspot works, silence phone puts the phone on DND, and Locate Phone makes the phone ring. And then ofc, the most recent Chrome tabs, well, are the most recent I’ve seen on my phone. Oh and another thing, replying through the notifications on my Chromebook works perfectly so far for me,” reported the user.

As per the comments on the post, Phone Hub is only working for the users on the Chrome OS Beta and Dev channels. It is likely that Google is now testing the feature via server-side flags and is almost ready to roll it out to everyone. However, the user says they have run into some bugs, but outside of that “everything seems to work pretty well.”


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