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Online shopping may be a great way to spend your time and money while you stay out of the streets and safe from a possible coronavirus infection. However, you could’ve received something that you didn’t quite love, or maybe you didn’t receive what you asked for. Now, that could be a problem if you can’t return the item in time to get a refund or to get it replaced. Luckily, Amazon, Apple, and other online stores are extending their return policies to help customers through the time of the pandemic.

According to a report from SmartWorld, Amazon may have extended its return period until May 31. This new deadline may be applied to goods purchased late in January, which means you could get up to four months to return certain types of products. The Washington Post has also reported that Apple will accept returns for most products up to 14 days after it opens its stores. Gap will accept returns until July 1 for all purchases made in the last three months, Macy’s is extending its return period by 30 days, J Crew will accept returns up to 60 days on orders placed since May 1. Finally, Sephora will accept returns for 60 days for online orders. We will surely see more changes in other retailers as time goes by.

Source BGR

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