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You must be very careful with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and Samsung explains why

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is officially the first foldable smartphone in the market. Yeah, it’s had its ups and downs, some design issues and problems with dust, but all of that is in the past. We now have a stronger, better Galaxy Fold, but it still needs you to give it special attention.

After a long wait, Samsung has finally fixed all the issues with the Galaxy Fold and it’s now available for purchase. The thing is that it’s still a fragile device, and its users must be very careful with their Samsung Galaxy Fold. This smartphone is by no means dust or waterproof. Samsung has tried their best to seal out anything that may cause the device to malfunction. They have included a built-in screen protector since this display isn’t made of glass. They also recommend a light touch to operate the smartphone. Whatever the case, just watch the latest post by Samsung to understand how to use your Galaxy Fold, without damaging it.

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