We are just a couple weeks out from the holidays in the US. It’s usually a barren time for major surprises but we’ve recently been left with too many of them to not expect a few more by year’s end. The one we’re talking about right now may come from Chinese manufacturer ZTE.

Yes, the company that let its community take control over what one of its flagship products in 2017 would be.

And it’s listening to more of its users about what it can do with Android to help them, too. And there’s namely one thing ZTE can do to satisfy many in that community: nothing. Or rather, it can release a stock Android phone. The company is polling its US crowd on why it wants a stock or near-stock Android experience. And so far, there’s a clear blowout priority.

As of this post, 40 percent of the responses pointed to “cleaner user interface and skin” as the big priority. Struggling above 10 percent are “quicker updates,” “longer support,” “better overall performance” and “greater dev support for custom ROMs.” Only 6 percent looked to stock for “less bloatware,” and 5 percent for “lower defects.”

Looks are superficial, for sure, but so is the poll. Many took to the comments to expand on secondary priorities and to make it clear that those reasons for vanilla Android are just as important. Some nitpicked about high DPI settings, ease of feature adaptability and lag-proofing.

“The issue is the custom stuff added on axon 7 is actually pretty unsubstantial, unlike the heavier themes from huawei or samsung,” wrote user chickendig. “Basically every change feels more like a hassle or an annoyance than a legit improvement over stock android. It’s a lot of ‘change for the sake of change’ instead of ‘meaningful change’.”

Findings from this thread will be presented to the company’s R&D team and users with “the most thoughtful responses” will be rewarded. Oddly enough, a late stage option was added to the Project CSX for the company to develop a stock Android phone. Maybe we could see a side project come along the way…

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