You Didn’t Use Siri On The iPhone; Will You Use It On The iPad? (Video)

I’m running the beta version of iOS 6 on my 2012-edition iPad here in the office, which counts support for Siri among its many improvements. Our own Jaime Rivera has already whipped up a full preview of iOS 6, but I thought I’d take a ground-level look at just one of its features- specifically, how Siri feels on a tablet. We’ll take her for a spin, and then we’re gonna do a little “talk-off” between Siri and S-Voice on the Galaxy S III.

The reason for our re-tour of Apple’s voice-control app? Well, it’s clear that Cupertino considers Siri more than a hobby; you don’t hire Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel for something you’re not trying to sear into the buying public’s consciousness. But for a lot of people thus far, Siri has served as a fun novelty at most. Many of my iPhone-toting friends have said that she’s a quirky bit of fun for the first few days, but her usefulness drops off sharply after that.

But Siri bursts onto the scene in iOS 6 with new features and a new format for the big screen of the iPad, so it’s time to take a look at what she offers this time around. Click the video below for some of the most scintillating human-to-robot-to-human conversation this side of Anakin Skywalker’s droid lab.


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