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You could start writing checks from your Google Pay account next year

By Samuel Martinez November 15, 2019, 6:00 pm

It seems that Apple isn’t the only company working to give its users more and better options to use their money. The Apple Card was launched earlier this year, and it seems that Google is trying to give us checking accounts within its Google Pay app, or that’s what we read in The Wall Street Journal’s report.

It seems that Google has been working with Citigroup and a small Stanford University credit Union in a project that could launch next year. This new “Cache” project would let Google Pay accounts be branded as coming from these banks. They would handle financial backends and regulatory compliance. This initiative is designed to “help more people do more stuff in a digital way online,” and the service would also be used to offer loyalty card programs. TWS also mentions that these checking accounts contain important consumer data and that this information wasn’t going to be sold to advertisers or other companies.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: The Verge


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