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You can now voice and video call via WhatsApp’s desktop app

By Prakhar Khanna March 4, 2021, 5:20 am
Voice and video calls WhatsApp Web

Late last year, it was reported that WhatsApp was testing voice and video calls on its web client. The company later rolled out the feature in beta to its web and desktop client. Now, WhatsApp is adding voice and video call feature on its desktop app for Windows and Mac. The Facebook-owned company said that it has seen a notable increase in users calling one another on WhatsApp, “often for long conversations.” 

“Answering on a bigger screen makes it easier to work with colleagues, see your family more clearly on a bigger canvas, or free up your hands to move around a room while talking,” wrote the company in its blog post. WhatsApp has made sure the new feature works seamlessly for both portrait and landscape orientation as well as appears in a resizable standalone window on your computer screen. Moreover, it is set to be always on top so you never lose your video chats in a browser tab or stack of open windows.


It is limited to one-to-one calls as of now

The company says its voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted. Hence, WhatsApp cannot hear or see them whether you call from your phone or your computer. However, the feature is limited to one-to-one calls as of now. As per the company, it is done to ensure that it delivers a “reliable and high-quality” experience. That said, the new feature will be expanded to include group voice and video calls in the future.

It will make lives easier for WhatsApp users as they will not have to switch back and forth between their work desktop/laptop and their phone. Meanwhile, the chat app is still working on letting you sync chats between platforms. It could soon let you use the same account on different devices. But the feature is nowhere to be seen as of now, and there is no official word on when it will be rolled out.


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